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Team USCA WUSV 2015 Lahti Finland


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Dave Kroyer, Head Trainer and Owner of Canine Headquarters and DKA for dog trainers has over 15 years of experience handling, training and coaching in the areas of IGP, Ring Sport, Police K9, AKC Obedience, Nosework, Agility, SAR, and AKC Tracking. 

His FOURTEEN appearances as a World Championship competitor and multiple National and Regional podium placements in different dog sports afford him the opportunity to help and coach many top competitors in the U.S. and abroad.

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07 Apr

"My dog does not want treats. HELP"

My dog does not like treats and is unmotivated by food, what can I do?"  A question I hear way too often. Especially as it pertains to training your dog. In this article I will shed some light on the topic. First and foremost, you ... Read More
23 Mar

COVID-19 and your pets. The facts!

It is totally understandable to be scared or worried in these times ,whether it about yourself, loved ones, friends or pets.  Unfortunately, social media and the internet can give misleading information.  And of course we are all concerned with our beloved pets and animals. I, ... Read More


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