"How do I teach my dog to...?' or "How do I stop my dog from...?'

My career has been built from these two questions. Basically I am a problem solver. I solve peoples dog training related problems. Thats it...short and simple. The interesting thing is not matter how hard I try to give people the


So, you want to become a decoy/helper?

Im guilty of it also, perhaps not like I was almost 20 years ago. But when I first got into dog training my dreams were to become a decoy or helper. I imagined myself in some cool outfit or bite


"When to remove training collars and leashes and check your training?'

This was a great question someone emailed me recently. They were asking at what point do I remove training collars and leashes and check my training. The reality is, the way I train my dog are not performing because they


"When should I start adding articles on my track?"

The age old question regarding IPO tracking..."when do I add articles to my track?"  For every question in dog training there are about 500 answers, and every trainer will have a different idea. But for me it is very simple.

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