Are all trials judged alike???


Are all trials judged alike???

I will have to admit, when I did my first BH on my cattle dog 17 years ago, it was a club trial....but may as well have been the world championship! It took me 18 years, 100 plus trials in multiple different sports and at different levels to realize, "Not all trials are judged the same"   

When you go for your first club trial whether its IPO, French Ring or Mondio Ring, the idea is not really to fail you but to help grow the sport at a smaller local level. I don't think a lot of novice people realize this. That being said, understand the points you receive may not be indicative of what you would receive at a higher level.

At club, regional, national and world events, the points you receive for the same routine MAY be different. Example, at a local club trial an exercise where you get an 1/2 deduction could be a 1-2 deduction at a world championship. Thats why I always say you should trial the fist few levels on your home field. This can help your confidence and the dogs confidence. But on the other hand, when you receive a 280 at a club trial in IPO, that same performance could be a 265 at a world championship. It happens, and be prepared for it! Its the same in Ring sports. Remember a good judge knows how to judge accordingly. But don't be blinded or in denial of your score. I always tell people I coach, "Lets celebrate your title and score today, but tomorrow lets go back and review the video and I will give you a score if it was a National Championship. I know this can confuse the novice but its reality. The expectations and criteria increase when you go to  regional, national or world event! 

If your are just starting out, pick a local trial on a field your dog knows...remember this will help your confidence and your dogs! But always study high level performances and compare them to yours to know what to work on!! Happy training and trialling!!

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