So, ya ya ya, it's time I start writing blogs lol. I was supposed to do this from the get go but I was so caught up in the videos I let this slide! But I want to start giving back more to everyone, and God knows I have a lot to talk about!!! But, we will keep it pretty "clean" in this format! So lets talk!!!

Something that has been bothering me lately is the use of social media as a guide to help people with dog training. Unfortunately the stuff I see makes me want to throw my hands in the air and give up.  Not really give up but use my time in a way as to actually help the people that really want help. Its seems to me in the last few years, the internet has made EVERYONE a professional high level dog trainer. I try not to boast much on social media but I do like to show my accomplishments. Yes, ACCOMPLISHMENTS!!!!  Something I think people have forgot about. It seems everyone is quick to take advice from people that HAVE NO ACCOMPLISHMENTS!!!! The funny thing is that in todays world you can research everything someone has done (even the bad stuff). But I see so many people giving bad advice that has to substance behind it. And people taking advice just to be part of a conversation!!!! It truly amazes me.  Just one example.  I see many people ask on different training forums about methods on IPO tracking that don’t involve food. There is a well known European Police dog trainer that has a nice method of tracking/trailing (mainly for police dogs although it can be used for sport dogs with some minimal results) I say minimal because I have yet to see any accomplishments from the person who advertises the method in the arena of IPO! Same with the people who are drinking the kool aid!! Now i am sure there are a handful of people that have perhaps passed an IPO track with the methods...but lets be honest...when did just passing a club level trial with a average score become status quo??   For me, with any thing I do, when I want to get better at something, I research people who have competed and have had success at high levels. The tracking scenario is just one example. I see hundreds daily. I see people that perhaps have titled their dog at a entry level dog sport and achieved a title giving advice all the time. And although I commend the folks....many time the advice is wrong!!!! And then we have the sheep just following, just to be part of a conversation so they can talk about their dogs. I get it, we all love our dogs. But its funny how rarely myself or high level trainers talk about their dogs. You know why? We are too busy training!!!!  This is just something I had to get off my mind as it has been bothering me lately. Anyways, I will start doing blogs on all topics a few times a week. Anything dog related or that has to with  sports I compete in.  IPO (Schutzhund) French Ring, Mondio Ring, AKC Obedience, Dock Diving, AKC Tracking, Police Dogs, SAR, and anything else we can thing of lol!!!! So sit back and enjoy!! And if you like the more X Rated stuff I talk about, don’t forget to check out my Podcast "The Boneyard"  (Podcast is for Gold Subscribers only)



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