Top 10 tips for dogs and fireworks!


Top 10 tips for dogs and fireworks!

Happy 4th of July America!! With all the celebrations and fireworks, lest not forget about our 4 legged friends. Many dogs (and cats) are afraid of the sound of fireworks and will have anxiety and display stress when they hear them. Many dogs will try to escape yards and run.  July 5th many shelters are filled with dogs that have gotten loose and were picked up by your local animal shelter. Here are some tips to prevent that!

1) Keep your dogs crated in a quiet room with a blanket over the crate

2) Play soothing music to drown out the sound of fire works

3) Do not coddle your dog and say "Its ok".  The dog can perceive that as praise for being afraid. They are not humans. They do not understand your intentions.

4) Try a Thunder coat or vest on your dog.

5) Although its not 100% proven, there are some essential odors available for dogs that in some cases have shown to calm dogs/animals. 

6) Try giving your dog a Benedryl. Check with your vet prior for dosage information. 7

7) Keep your dog inside and make sure if you do let them out, keep them on leash or long line.

8) Avoid taking your dog to fire works displays.

9) Make sure your dog has plenty of water

10) Dont forget that many people will still set off firework displays on the day following July 4th so be prepared.

I hope these tips are helpful and you all have a great 4th of July! Happy training!


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