Irie edit Brevet FR 1-a

Irie brevet 99.5 FR 1-a 184.6 copper state ring club dec 19 2015


Team USCA WUSV 2015 Lahti Finland

A compilation of candid moments in Finland during the 2015 WUSV IPO World Championship. If some of the pics and video don't make sense to you, don't worry...they do to those that were there.


Dave Kroyer and Archer pivoting into dumbell stand rear end awareness.

Dave and Archers 98 point ob routing under sv Elmar Mannes pivot into dumbell stand.


Ida FR Brevet

Dave Kroyer discusses the use of a calendar in "peaking" or "closing" a dog for trial.


Irie Artolozaga FR 1 2nd leg 1st place

Training the front with Dave Kroyer segment 2a top view in corner of initiate create and load position

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