Dave discusses targeting away from "prey item/toy" and impulse control.

Dave discusses and demonstrates targeting away from "prey item/toy" and it's use in detection work and other areas.


Dave discusses "schedules of reinforcement" and the proper use of them while using food for training. Part 1

Dave discusses the different schedules of reinforcement and how to use them. Part 1


Dave discusses "luring" and how to correctly use it.

Dave discusses luring and demonstrates what is expected from the dog. Also how to hold food to minimize dog biting at fingers.


Dave discusses and demonstrates maintenance training for sit-stand-down working on "folding" back.

Dave discusses and demonstrates how to maintain correct concertina positions by using forward body language. Maintenance training sit-stand-down


Dave Kroyer discusses components of competitive heeling at DKA heeling workshop.

Dave discusses the components of comp heeling. Lecture only.


Dave demonstrates segment 3c of fronts calling dog to position

Fronts #10 of 15

Dave demonstrates calling the dog to position from short distance reintroducing the lure and fading it rapidly.


Teaching the "fronts" segment 3a "movement" from static position.

Fronts #9 of 15

Dave Kroyer discusses movement from static position teaching fronts.


Dock diving Dave discusses "obedience and impulse control" on the dock.

Dave Kroyer and Irie discussing the importance of obedience on the dock and impulse control for maximum jumps!


Dave discusses using a ball under the arm for competitive heeling.

Dave Kroyer discusses having a ball under the arm for heeling. The good, the bad, and the ugly.


Training your dog to not break departure line on jumps for ring sport. Segment 2 (with dog)

Dave Kroyer shows options in preventing your dog from breaking the departure line early for jumps in ring sports.

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