"My dog gets bored"

"My dog gets bored in training.”  Have you ever heard someone say that? Have you ever said it yourself? It is an interesting statement that over 18 years of coaching and giving seminars and doing private lessons I have heard


Learning to learn. Ya I know, its confusing.

Recently I saw a post on social media from a person who had a new GSD puppy. They asked a very innocent but interesting question. "My new puppy is 8 weeks old. How many commands should I teach it right


Top 10 tips for dogs and fireworks!

Happy 4th of July America!! With all the celebrations and fireworks, lest not forget about our 4 legged friends. Many dogs (and cats) are afraid of the sound of fireworks and will have anxiety and display stress when they hear


"How do I teach my dog to...?' or "How do I stop my dog from...?'

My career has been built from these two questions. Basically I am a problem solver. I solve peoples dog training related problems. Thats it...short and simple. The interesting thing is not matter how hard I try to give people the


So, you want to become a decoy/helper?

Im guilty of it also, perhaps not like I was almost 20 years ago. But when I first got into dog training my dreams were to become a decoy or helper. I imagined myself in some cool outfit or bite

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