Trial like you train, train like you trial.

It really is a simple concept, I have even done full two day seminars on the topic. But why don’t people do it?  I recently read a post on an IPO social media site where a person entered for a


Conditioning your dog for IPO/Ring

I have seen many questions on the great Book of Face regarding what people do as far as physical conditioning for their dog for IPO/Ring Sport.  Honestly through the years I have been asked that question hundreds of times, especially


I am thinking about getting another dog to keep my current dog company

In my career, I have heard this much too often.. "I am thinking about getting another dog to keep my current dog company".Stop right there! Lets discuss a few things first. Normally we get dogs to keep US company and


"My dog gets bored"

"My dog gets bored in training.”  Have you ever heard someone say that? Have you ever said it yourself? It is an interesting statement that over 18 years of coaching and giving seminars and doing private lessons I have heard


Learning to learn. Ya I know, its confusing.

Recently I saw a post on social media from a person who had a new GSD puppy. They asked a very innocent but interesting question. "My new puppy is 8 weeks old. How many commands should I teach it right

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