Are all trials judged alike???

I will have to admit, when I did my first BH on my cattle dog 17 years ago, it was a club trial....but may as well have been the world championship! It took me 18 years, 100 plus trials in



So, ya ya ya, it's time I start writing blogs lol. I was supposed to do this from the get go but I was so caught up in the videos I let this slide! But I want to start giving


Dog Training Commands

EnglishGermanFrenchCzechDutchHeel FussAu piedK nozeVolg, RechtsSit Sitz Assis Sedni ZitStay Bleib Reste Zustan BlijfDown Platz Coucher Lehni Af, LiggenCome or Here Hier Ici, Viens Ke mne HierStand Steh Debout Stuj StaanRetrieve or Fetch Bring Rapporte Aport ApportJump Hopp Saute, Aller Skoc,Hop OverGo/Send Out Voraus En Avant Vpred VoruitTrack Such Piste Stopa Keuring, ZoekGuard Pass auf, Wache Garde Pozor BewakenBite Packen, Fass Attaque, Mord Drz StellenOut or Let Go Aus Halte, Donne Pust Los, LoslatenBark or Speak Gib Laut Aboie, Parle Stekej Blaffen, LuidBuilding or Blind Search Voran, Revier Cherche Revir RevierenKennel or Crate Zwinger, Box Chenil Kotec Hok, KennelGood So ist brav Bon Garcon Hodny Braaf,


Dave and Anton off to the 2017 FCI World Championship!

Dave and Anton will be representing team USA and the AWDF in the 2017 FCI IPO World Championship!!!


Dave wins 2017 USCA South Central Regionals!

Dave wins 2017 USCA South Central Regionals IPO3 Championship with Anton! That makes 4 years in a row with two different dogs, and a total of 9 times!- Anton 98-92-99- High in trial- High IPO3- High Obedience- High Protection, 99Watch

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